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Metal surface creation and deforming on hit

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Hello all,
We all know how to generate a cloth textile surface or atleast how it could be simulated and interact with it.

Now i was thinking what about a metal/iron surface?
I wanted to be able to have a wall made of iron and based on hit strength it should deform. We see this effect alot in movies when someone closes a door on some stronger monster.

Would anybody have any idea on how to simulate this?

Thanks in advance

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The general field is called [url=""]soft body dynamics[/url] (as opposed to the typical rigid body dynamics).

A popular commercial solution is called [url=""]DMM[/url], which is based on a finite element based simulation ([i][url=""]they've published[/url] the ideas behind their method[/i]).

Popular physics engines like PhysX and Havok also have some level of soft-body support in them these days.

There's another upcoming engine called [url=""]BeamNG[/url] ,which grew out of the [url=""]rigs of rods[/url] project.

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thanks hodgman for the info.
I thought it would be something with soft bodies but have no idea on how to simulate hard surfaces as iron walls.
did some tests with verlet integration and high iterations but didnt get even close also because the relax state of a surface, that in the iron case needs to change as it gets hits and more hits.

i'll see if i can find any info that can help me on dmm page.

thanks again, if you have any other relevant info please let me know

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