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Blender texture with not only one texture

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Every tutorial on the web uses ONE texture of a single mesh.

This is NOT my case when i want to create my game-level.

i start of with a cube and extrude/sculpting to get my level.
Then i want to texture each faces with different textures.
Is this impossible? Do i have to assign a new material / face?

talk about hard work if that is the case. then i can do my texturing in DirectX/C++ instead with each triangle...

i want to select 2-3 faces, give them textures... pick next faces, give them textures. etc...

How do i do this in Blender 2.6?

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If you look at the material tab with an object selected you will see that the material is presented in a list:


Clicking the + button adds another material to the object, clicking the - will delete one. You can add as many materials to the object as you require, and assign a texture to each material. Then you can select the vertices for a given material and click Assign to set them to that material. Edited by FLeBlanc

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Thank you!
i didn´t know it was 1:1 material for each texture, now it works.
And my export Collada files is sorted nicely by materials! =)

Now if i only can find out how to UV map so that a texture is covering two triangles instead of 1 i am home safe and can start importing my model with my Game.

i understand the concept of UV mapping but i can´t get the coordinates right... hm...

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