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You became a programmer anarchist. What are some conventions that you don't want to follow along?

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Cornstalks    7030
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Fucking Hungarian notation will kill me. Fuck that, and fuck that to hell. Underscores are also pain in the ass.
int _omg;
int __uberomg;

int some_stupid_calculation = __uberomg + _omg * __uberomg / __uberomg + __othervar + __more_private_variable + __underscore;


double underscores make me sad [img][/img]
You shouldn't even be using double underscores (anywhere). Unless you're implementing C++, in which case, have fun sucka!

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Dynamo_Maestro    769
I pretty much try to follow standard conventions like a sheep.

Terminology etc is often 'reworded', for example "reflection", almost anything that requires the use of that word gets reworded in basic words. "Iterate" became "cycle" because well why not ;) and I never use the word compile, its "build" to me. Small things I guess no real complaints yet.

I have been questioned on why I have my own set of unique tokens though but honestly TODO: just isnt good enough for everything.

For XAML bindings, class names have 'Interface' at the end, and Mode is always explicitly declared

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RLS0812    3043
There is always programming everything on one line ( most languages, you can do this ), or using a very over complex language such as [url=""]BrainF###[/url].

If you don't want to learn an overly complex language, why not simplifying everything by using an outdated language such as [url=""]FORTH[/url] ?

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