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Making a typeable for ingame name

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BaneTrapper    1531
Currently i am working on "Turn based,2d Rpg" with c++ and sfml2.0 libs,
and i reach stage i got no idea how to manage.

After a user presses a "New Game" i move him intro a screen where he picks a character,
He needs to chose following:
2:Character type

Character type and stats i control with collision detection, but how do i manage the name input?
After he presses inside the "Type name here" box, i should turn on a special loop in "class that handles event"
anything that he types i push intro. And each loop i print what is in string intro the "Name box"

Is there a premade library for handling this kind of stuff for c++ or at sfml2.0?
If you read above, is it efficient or should i look intro it better?
How do i know when the user finished typing in his name, check if he clicks anywhere away from the "Type name here" box? tips please.

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BeerNutts    4400
There isn't anything premade in SFML to handle this, but there are some GUI's you can use.

In the SFML 1.6 tutorials, he shows how to [url=""]integrate SFML with QT[/url] (again, it's SFML 1.6, so API is slightly different).

Or you can look at some of the SFML GUI's available now, although in different states of completeness:

Good Luck!

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