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Alchemy Lords, an android game mixing Social game and Strategy game

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Hi all, I feel it is a bit rude to create an account to post an announcement, but to be honest I didn't knew this website before the game was released. I guess I'll pass by more often for my next project.

I would like to know what you guys think about my game and my press documents. It's the first time I make a game and try to marketise it, so I guess I have a lot to learn, i'd be really interested to have you feedback :-)

Thanks !

[b]Beijing , 2nd October , 2012[/b]
Zone 306, a young and promising mobile game studio announced today the launch of Alchemy Lords, an addictive social-strategy game for Android. (Available on Google Play)

“With Alchemy Lords, we wanted to bring something new: a social game that turns into a strategy game when you start a battle. Our players have never seen something like this before; they can fight real-time against their friends anytime, anywhere.”

In this free Android game, players take on the job of managing their own cutely-designed medieval city, with its army, alchemists, and legendary heroes. Everyday they can visit their buildings and perform various actions such as collecting the taxes, training their heroes, or searching new spells.

But the specificity of Alchemy Lords certainly lies in its unique way to handle battles.

“We wanted to make a game that appealed to casual and hardcore players alike, so we designed a battle system that is both extremely simple and very rich strategically.”

During real-time fights, the player is pitted to his opponents’ army and heroes, and will have to cast spells creatively to turn the tide in his favor. Spells can have various effects like dealing damage, slowing units, or switching them, and will be used in combos for maximum effect. The variety of the spells and the beautiful animations make the battles really fun to play.

“With Alchemy Lords, we combined the thrill of real-time strategy with the high interactivity of social gaming.”

Indeed, Alchemy Lords takes its full dimension when played with others. Integrated in Papaya-mobile's social gaming platform, it connects players to a network of several millions social gamers.

Players can fight or visit each-others, exchange gifts, meet on the chat, or discuss using the in-game messaging system.

About Zone 306:

Started by a multicultural team of French and Chinese students, the young studio Zone 306 takes its name from the forsaken classroom in which they spent their free time developing games.

Living their last few months on cheap coffee and Chinese take-away food, they came out with Alchemy Lords, a fresh and original game for their first official release.

SOURCE : Zone 306
Website : [url="http://www.alchemylords.com"]www.alchemylords.com[/url]
More documents : [url="http://press.alchemylords.com"]press.alchemylords.com[/url]

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