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Realmstone open Beta

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[size=6][b]Realmstone Open Beta![/b][/size]


We need more beta testers for our mmo, Realmstone.

Realmstone is a fantasy mmo hack and slash game with some kingdom building elements. You take control of a merchant house and employ various level able champions to go out into the world an bring back treasures to your house. We draw strongly on traditional fantasy settings games such as Master of Magic and Moonstone.

Realmstone follows the more hardcore tradition of Ultima online while providing a easily accessible game, as soon as you leave the starter zone its a brutal PvP faction based world, where you will need allies to persevere.

- Real-time multiplayer adventure
- Create your very own customizable champions
- Explore instances with your friends
- Unlock classes and Prestige classes to increase your champion selection options
- 1000 levels for each base class
- Tons of different enemies
- Fast paced hack and slash combat with lots of tactical abilities
- Create your own city and declare war on other players
- Build and customize your own city with over 30 different town buildings
- Four distinct arche types to help define your champion
- Living world AI - Monsters will not just stay in their lairs, they will raid your cities!
- Auction house in each city where you are able to buy or sell your treasures
- You will die

[b]Official site[/b]


[b]Facebook page[/b]

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New version up.

So, it seems quite a few people experienced difficulties with the patcher. While it still requires admin and .net 4 runtime it should now be willing to tell about what went wrong. ALSO! duel system. You can now /duel other players, this requires that you both be in each others friend lists however.

Next patch will include gratuitous amounts of spiders!

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