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ZLIB Inflation C#

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Quat    568

I am tasked with reading a binary file. The documentation of the file format indicates that segments of the file may have ZLIB compression applied. For the parts that are not compressed, I am using BinaryReader which works fine. Basically, I want something ZLibBinaryReader that I can use to inflate the compressed data, but using API like ReadInt32, ReadSingle, etc.

Can anyone recommend a free open source library like this? I do not need to open entire compressed files, but I will have offset in file stream to start of compressed data, and want to start inflating the compressed data for some byteLength.

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YellowSnow    146
Since .NET 2.0 the framework comes with a class that you can use for this task: [url=""]http://msdn.microsof...m(v=vs.80).aspx[/url]

Note however, that the stream written by zlib contains a header and a trailing checksum. DeflateStream only decompresses the raw data.
For more details see here: [url=""]http://tlzprgmr.word...-compatibility/[/url] Edited by YellowSnow

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