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Salvation Prophecy: A Military Space Epic

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Hi game dev folks,

I wanted to announce my completed sci-fi game, Salvation Prophecy. It was made using mostly open source or free middleware. (It uses Ogre3d, the same graphics engine as Torchlight.) It's a single player game for PC, and hopefully linux soon.

Salvation Prophecy is a broad-scope space epic which allows you fly ships, land on planets, gain ranks through combat and exploration missions, and eventually rise up to command the strategy of your faction.

screenshot: space battle

In space, you have full 3D movement. Space missions are usually combat between two large fleets, as an invading fleet attempts to destoy an enemy space station. This part of the game was influenced by popular space sims like Freelancer.

screenshot: planet battle

Planet missions are also centered around large battles. You are carried by drop ship to the enemy planet to assault an enemy colony. This plays like a high-action 3rd person shooter, with different weapons, stims, and skills to choose from during combat.

screenshot: faction command interface

As you complete missions, you advance rank. If you reach faction commander, you take over the strategic aspect of your faction. You manage your resources to build new colonies, space stations, and military units. Resources are gained by building and controling colonies on planets. As commander, you also plan the attacks launched by your faction.

The action of the game is all real-time. Battles and other events will occur throughout the galaxy.

Screenshot: alien planet

The title of the game, "Salvation Prophecy", refers to an apocalyptic prophecy foretelling the destruction of all earth's children. Through a number of missions to explore distant alien planets, the mysteries of the prophecy are slowly revealed. You learn secrets and gain powers by talking to the remnants of long dead races. Through this, you learn that mankind's galactic wars are the least of our problems, and something far more dangerous is yet to come.

Factions: Drone Unity, Free Nations, Salvation, Wyr

You can watch video and see more screenshots on my Steam Greenlight page
If this is your sort of game, or you just want to support a fellow indie dev,

please click this link and vote for Salvation Prophecy on Greenlight. I am relying completely on word of mouth, and indie game sites to market the game. I really appreciate the help!

The game is also available on Desura and Gamersgate

Salvation Prophecy webpage: www.salvationprophecy.com

Thanks for reading,

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