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I'm 16 and I want know how to program AI.

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I''m 17 and I want to know how to write Quake4! ( I hope topic is a joke...)

No, seriously, pickup one of the following books...
Tricks Of The Windows Programming Gurus
Windows Game Programming For Dummies

They both introduce AI in a very simple way.

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How to program AI in three easy steps:

1) Think about what you want the AI to do.

2) Think about how you would achieve it at the most basic, simple level, if you were in the same situation.

3) Take the information the AI needs from the simulated world and program it to carry out the tasks in the same way you would do it.

For instance, how do you pathfind from A to B? How do you avoid dynamic objects while walking? How do you decide the right way to fire a gun to hit a moving target? How do you decide which kind of building to build next in an RTS?

Sure, there''s different, more complex ways of doing this stuff, but the best way of understanding it is just to play about based on what you''d do in the same situation.


"Experience is something you get just after you need it"

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Original post by madhatter256
I''m 16 and I want know how to program AI.

Get any of the FPS games and their associated SDKs/kits, such as Quake II or Halflife . You''ll get a full game, a zillion examples on building ''bots on the various web sites supporting the games, and you can just focus on the AI ideas without worrying about a game or anything else.



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Guest Anonymous Poster
how is 16 important
the only thing I can think of is that you are telling us you are probably old enough to read, so we might suggest a library

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Knowing he''s 16 gives an indication about how much education he has...

I''m 14, how do I implment a 3D free-time physics engine?
>Study math and calculus for 4 years, try then.


I''m 4, how do I program AI?
>Finish programming your own brain, then try programming someone elses.

I''m 16, how do I program AI?
Can you write some C code yet? If not learn C first. Then buy that book, or mod this this game

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