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Can someone give me a quick brief or source code in c++ of fuzzylogic? I know it involves taking 2 FLV and using a FAM to output a behavior but I''m not sure how it''s supposed to be written.

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These two file listings give you a fuzzifier. I got them out of a book on neural nets. I forget the book title, I remember it was something about C++ and neural nets. But this is fuzzy logic, don't worry.

BTW, this doesn't really sound like what you're asking for, it doesn't output a behavior or anything like that... :/

// fuzzfier.h
// program to fuzzify data

class category
char name[30];
float lowval, highval, midval

void setname(char *);
char * getname();
void setval(float&, float&, float&);
float getlowval;
float getmidval();
float gethighval();

float getshare(const float&);


int randnum(int);


// fuzzfier.cpp
// program to fuzzify data

#include <iostream.h>

#include <stdlib.h>

#include <time.h>

#include <string.h>

#include "fuzzfier.h"

void category::setname(char *n)

char * category::getname()
return name;

void category::setval(float &h, float &m; float &l)
highval = h;
midval = m;
lowval = l;

float category::getlowval()
return lowval;

float category::getmidval()
return midval;

float category::gethighval()
return highval;

float category::getshare(conts float & input)
// this member function returns the relative membership
// of an input in a category, with a maximum of 1.0

float output;
float midlow, highmid;

midlow = midval-lowval;
highmid = highval - midval;

// if outside the range, then output = 0
if((input <= lowval) || (input >= highval))
output = 0;
if (input > midval)
output = (highval - input)/highmid;
if (input == midval)
output = 1.0;
output = (input - lowval)/midlow;

return output;

int randomnum(int maxval)
// random number generator
// will return an integer up to maxval

return rand() % maxval;

void main()
// a fuzzifier program that takes category information:
// lowval, midval and highval and category name
// and fuzzifies an input based on the total number of
// categories and the membership in each category

int i=0,j=0,numcat,randnum;
float l,m,h, inval=1.0;

char input[30]=" ";
category * ptr[10];
float relprog[10];
float total=0,runtotal=0;

// input the category information; terminate with 'done'
cout << "\nPlease type in a category name, e.g. Cool\n";
cout << "Enter one word without spaces\n";
cout << "When you are done, type 'done':\n\n";

ptr[i] = new category;
cin >> input;

if ((input[0]=='d' && input[1] == 'o' && input[2] == 'n' && input[3] == 'e')) break;


cout << "\nType in the lowval, midval and highval\n";
cout << "for each category, seperated by spaces\n";
cout << " e.g. 1.0 3.0 5.0 :\n\n";

cin >> l >> m >> h;


numcat=i; // number of categories

// Categories are now set up: Now input the data to fuzzify
cout << "\n\n";
cout << "===========================================\n";
cout << "== Fuzzifier is ready for data ==\n";
cout << "===========================================\n";

while (1)
cout << "\ninput a data value, type 0 to terminate\n";

cin >> inval;

if (inval ==0) break;

// calculate relative probabilities of input being in each category
total = 0;

for (j=0;j<numcat;j++)

if (total == 0)
cout << "data out of range\n";



while ((runtotal<randnum)&&(j<numcat))
runtotal += relprob[j];

cout << "\nOutput fuzzy category is ==> " << ptr[j]->getname()<<"<==\n";
cout << "category\t"<<"membership\n";
cout << "---------------\n";

for (j=0;j<numcat;j++)
cout << ptr[j]->getname() << "\t\t" << (relprob[j]/total) << "\n";

[EDIT: changed code tags to source tags... didn't like the italics.]
[EDIT: some things just didn't seem right... like a bunch of #includes one next to another on the same line...]

[EDIT: nearly 4 years later (3 days short of it, in fact), noticed an error and fixed it.]

Edited by - coldacid on October 14, 2001 10:37:44 AM
Edited by - coldacid on October 14, 2001 10:43:09 AM

[Edited by - coldacid on October 11, 2005 3:28:23 PM]

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