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Potential level designer looking for Feedback

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pressgreen    678
I recently graduated with a masters in architecture. I am very interested in doing work as a level designer for video games and I was wondering if i could get some feed back on the bulk of my architectural projects. like I am wondering weather or not i can start applying to places or should I add more video game specific things. Most of my work has been designed and rendered in 3dsMax but not in any game engine though. is it massively important for me to use game engine technology to make geometry? I guess my question is should I start applying with what I have or should I add to the bulk of what I have with things that are crucial and missing? I have no problem with doing more work at all. I am just wondering if i am wasting time when I could potentially get a job with what I have or would I going into the situation with my guns half cocked.

Here is the link to my work. [url=""]BLOG[/url]


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BagelHero    1524
Only skimmed over; looking pretty good with technical skills.

However, (from what I've read at least and people with actual experience feel free to correct me), Level Designers need to be able to design and build not just lovely architecture, but levels that are fun to play in.

So, if what you want to do is Level Design, I'd get out there and design some levels that are fun to play in. It would probably be very worth it to mess with some engines to see what they can handle. You'll probably find some restrictions that you'll need to work around, and overall doing some more practical game-related work would be more desirable to have in a portfolio.

Again, I've never really looked specifically at Level Design so I might be a little off... Hm. Might need to have look at that myself.

Also, see:

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3Ddreamer    3826
Yeah, I agree with the Bagel master there.[img][/img]

However, since you have a master's degree, you should begin applying for positions immediately, re-applying as you present nice finished works in the future. Also begin asking people by email in those companies - some have forums for this - what software and language experience they are seeking. They will naturally let you know other things, too. This way you are moving in all areas, forward progress as a professional would do. In the interviews, you will likely be asked what you did while you learned level design, so you best have a professional answer which shows that you have been developing contacts and aquiring information in the industry itself.

Both, both, both! Learn [u]and[/u] apply for positions until you get one, then quietly continue developing relationships in the industry permanently! [img][/img]


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