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Geometry Instancing + Batching Questions

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I am working on a renderer for my game and I would like to incorporate batching and instancing. I have read http://http.developer.nvidia.com/GPUGems2/gpugems2_chapter03.html and while this document is very helpful, it left me confused about some specifics; so I was wondering if one of you could help clarify. Specifically, my questions are:

  1. Why is the geometry batch abstract? Is it to allow static and dynamic geometry to be implemented differently? Are there other uses?
  2. How is GeometryBatch::Commit() used for dynamic batching? It seems like Update() would be the only function necessary to change the stream data.
  3. In a dynamic environment, would it be correct to clear all the batches each frame, in order to query what is visible and re-batch? Or should each batch maintain a list of active (visible) geometry instances?

The game I am making is 2D and I am using Marmalade SDK, so any advice tailored toward that would be especially helpful, but I think my confusion is conceptual. Thanks for your help.

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