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Surrealist inspired interactive-fiction

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Dreams are a large part of our nature as humans. Some people do not remember their dreams, most only remember them on occasion but the point is that we all dream, all the time. We rely on it, it keeps us sane. Like dreams, anyone can write a story. Some choose to share and others might choose not to. What we cannot choose is death. When it comes you go with it. With Jahari I drew inspiration from classic poetry and modern surrealist art. The goal was to have the waking world dance harmoniously with the unseen. To dance with the realities we can only experience, the indescribable. Ultimately, I wanted Jahari to be beautiful in its own respect. This interactive-fiction game is a blend between what is real and what is not. Jahari is imaginative-fiction like all fiction.


You are an apparition. One who treks the sun and stars in search of whatever it is that completes you. The afterlife is not without its flaws though. The world you live in is somewhat of a blur. Clouds hover as close to the ground as dandelions do when blown too softly. But it is also a land where those well practiced in the arcane arts rule with the ability to force the landscape. Alas, you are no simple mage. This world willful dances to your touch. The world around you is alive but you are not. A world where the dead dwell endlessly in what feels like a dream.
The game is currently being hosted at an old stowaway site used for a previous title "Epoch." Nook, Android, PC and iOS supported.
This release is meant to serve only as very brief look into the world I am (you will be) building. Enjoy and thanks!


Stat notes:

Restlessness - Low points in restlessness decrease the chance of you going insane. What that entails is entering an entirely new plane of existence. One much more chaotic than the one you begin the game in. This is loosely considered losing the game.

Solace - The goal is to find peace. That can be done either by realizing that you were a maniac in the waking-world. Or by coming to terms with particular events that may have occurred in your mortal life.

Alignment - Determines what circumstances your magic is most powerful but that only applies to the waking world adventurer. There are two exceptions to this rule, the Morbid and Dreamer labels. These two are set only to underline the plane of existence you dwell in. Yes you will have the opportunity to to phase into the opposite at some point. Edited by iGoogleThis

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