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Hi there, I am currently writting a bitmap font class... It worked fine two days ago but now ... I can''t get any display list indeces from openGL, everything I get back is a 0. I am creating 6 or 7 font objects, every object should have 256 lists. But when I load my Bitmaps and ask OpenGL: fontOffset = glGenLists(256); fontOffet is ''0'' for every font object.... Whats wrong ? Thanks in advance.

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Is ''0'' a valid display list index ? ?
Here is some code:
print: const char *text
glRasterPos2d(x, y);
glCallLists(strlen(text), GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE, text);

fontOffset = glGenLists(31+numKeys);
cout << gluErrorString(glGetError()); -> noerror
cout << fontOffset; -> 0

On Linux the code draws nothing and on Windows I get a fine bluescreen ......
pleasse HElp

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