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Retro themed sound suggestion

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Hello all,

I'm developing a game with a very simple retro style and I'm a bit stuck on what sound style to go with.

The game has a ship, represented by a white triangle flying through a black space, you can enter the atmosphere of planets (white circles) causing the planets to fill up with a red circle.

I've experimented with *whoosh* and *floosh* sound effects, to simulate a ship entering an atmosphere but these don't seem to fit my art style. I was thinking instead of a whoosh/floosh sound I focus on a nice retro sound as the planet fills. Although I've not a clue what.

In summary I'm looking for suggestions on a retro themed ship flying sound and a pleasing sound as the ship fills a planet, also in a retro theme?

Here is an example of the art style I've gone with:

Thanks, Lemoncog

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