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I need feedback for the art of my game

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I've drawn all this myself. So I need some feedback so I can start programming my game.


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I like the interesting retro style, but I do have a few pointers.

I would remake the asteroids. They have a kind of blur around them that makes them feel different from the other assets. Maybe try using the pencil tool in Photoshop instead of the brush to get a more pixelated look. (That is, if you're using Photoshop)

Try using higher contrast shading on some of the smaller sprites. Looking at the large, red planet, I think that has the best contrast. If you apply the same hard edge shading on the little red ship that faces right, then it will look more dynamic. Also, the grey ship at the top could also use some more dramatic shadow to bring it to life.

As for the designs themselves, I think they're a little plain. There have been a lot of space games over the years, so it's difficult to create something that people don't reference back to something else, so I don't think it's that big of a deal but maybe start playing around with some of your ideas and expand them. It not that big of a deal, but that's just my view on that part.

And finally, I feel you could use some fixes to scaling. Notice how some of your assets have large, easy to see pixels where as others are scaled down pretty far, making the pixels much smaller. It creates some conflicts in continuity in the over-all aesthetic. By finding a good balance in the scale of your assets, they will fit together better and draw the player even further into your game.

But aside from all of that, I think they're pretty good! [img]http://public.gamedev.net//public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png[/img]

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Hello! I'll write up something more detailed later (I'm at work right now), but I think you should make a mock-up of what the game will look like with whatever software you're using, so it's easier to see how it all fits together. I'm having a hard time even telling what some of your sprites are, like the giant green things.

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Thank you. To be honest I'm not a good artist and since I'm making my game for free, I don't think people will care about the reference thing.

As for the game its going to be made in game maker and I have no plans of what platform to release it on.

Here is what the game is. Any suggestions will suffice.

Title of the game: Space Void
Genre: shoot em up
Author of the game: Artwark
Copyright information: n/a

Table of contents
1.Game overview
2.Target Demographic
5.Game mechanics

Game overview: The game is about space where the player controls a spaceship which contains the omega gem and defends the ship from invasion including enemy ships the comets and the game's boss Prime.

Target demographic: The game is focused on ages 7-9. It is focused on those who only are interested in getting high scores.

Artwork:The artwork will be in pixel art and will be done by two artists.

Gameplay:The player starts with a spaceship which has an omega gem installed in it. This gem allows the player to perform powerful Lazers, and electric shield.
When enemy ships hit the player, the gem begins to lose its power and the radar glows from normal to red depending on the number of hits taken. This cause the ship to move slower with its shield and lazers being weaker as well as the shield making the player stunned for a few seconds. If the final hit is taken, the ship is destroyed ending the game.

Game mechanics: The following will be the parts of the gameplay.
1.Highscore: The high score will keep increasing until the player dies where the score stops displaying a high score table. It will work more like a stopwatch.

2.Life bar: The radar at the bottom right of the screen indicates whether the ship is normal or danger. If hit the radar glows from normal to red. If hit again, the red will glow brighter and brighter until it flashes alert and if hit again, the radar is destroyed. It takes ten seconds for each damage to return to normal.

3.Spaceship: The ship will be controlled through mouse. Right click unleashes the electric shield which can deflect missiles, lasts for only six seconds and provide protection. Left click fires lazers that destroy obstacles such as enemy ships and lazers. If the ship is hit, the ship is stunned for three seconds and the lazer becomes weaker and the shield will work for only five seconds. If the ship is hit twice, the ship is stunned for three seconds and the lazer becomes weaker and the shield will work for only four seconds. If the ship is hit thrice, the ship is stunned for three seconds and the lazer becomes weaker and the shield will work for only three seconds. If the ship is hit four times, the ship is stunned for three seconds and the lazer becomes weaker and the shield will work for only five two. If the ship is hit five times, the ship is stunned for three seconds and the lazer becomes weaker and the shield will work for only one second. If the ship is hit the final time, the ship is destroyed ending the game. For each ten seconds the ship recovers till it reaches normal.

4.Gem bar: The gem bar is the energy for the lazer and the shield. If using the shield, the bar reaches to being empty and the player has to wait for the bar to slowly charge in order to use the lazers. If using the lazers, the bar will come down until being empty but the bar will charge faster.

5.Comets: Comets will only be scattered diagonally. Comets can be destroyed but can harm the player when in contact.

6.Enemy ships: Enemy ships will only come from top, bottom, left and right. Enemy ships can dash on the player when in contact.
1. The player's strongest lazer kills enemy's in one hit.
2. The player's second strongest lazer kills enemy's in three hits.
3. The player's third strong lazer kills enemy's in seven hits.
4. The player's fourth strong lazer kills enemy's in fifteen hits.
5. The player's second weakest lazer kills enemy's in twenty five hits.
6. The player's weakest lazer kills enemy's in thirty hits.

7.Prime: Prime is the strong ship and can only be approached after 300 seconds. Its takes 150 shots to kill prime. Prime can use a shield for two seconds reflecting the player's lazers, Fire a huge lazer enough to destroy the spaceship but he will not harm the player and will only harm him if close on contact.

Story: You are Trojan Borse who has stolen the omega gem making your ship invincible. The force is out to stop you and you are able to stop them but for how long? How long can you go on wrecking ships and defeat Prime? Can you destroy manking with your ship. Edited by Cap'n VG

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Sorry, I meant that it would be nice if you took some of your art and put it into a single image and arranged the way it will be in the game (basically make a fake screenshot).[list]
[*]Label health bar- what's what?
[*]Health bar color should change as health goes down
[*]I don't think it would be difficult to not have an animation for the asteroid and simply rotate the sprite in the game
[*]Red planet not a true circle (look at the flat ends)
[*]The red diamond animation looks very long
Is the radar the green cirlce with some sort of animation in the middle? I think it needs more contrast to be more easily interpreted. There's a lot that you have that I simply can't identify what it's supposed to be, a mockup screenshot would be really helpful there.

Good luck on your game!

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Your sprites aren't bad - I love anything sci fi so I'm a little bias but I'll give you my opinion. The variation in size of planets is accurate but I'm not sure how well it would show up in-game, I would echo the other comments that a screenshot mockup would be useful in seeing how these elements are going to be laid out and displayed. I don't understand what the long green bars are for; is that your background? I think it would be easier if you were to arrange these graphics as you would put them on a sprite sheet. How much graphics programming are you planning? It would be a lot simpler to have a filled and an empty health bar and then hide the percentage that you've lost, it's more programming but only 2 sprites. I hope to see improvement on these (:

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