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LDC Studios

[PC]Release: Grave Prosperity - Adventure Horror

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[b]Name:[/b] [url="http://graveprosperity.weebly.com/index.html"]Grave Prosperity[/url] Volume 1 Part 1
[b]Developer:[/b] [url="http://www.facebook.com/pages/LDC-Studios/344112012334787"]LDC Studios[/url]
[b]Publisher:[/b] [url="http://boninkcreations.com"]Bon Ink Creations[/url]

[b]Genre:[/b] Survival Horror
[b]Players:[/b] 1-Player
[b]Combat Style:[/b] Live Action
[b]View Style:[/b] 3rd Person 'Faux 3D' - 3D Polygonal Sprites Displayed Over a Pre-Rendered Backdrop With Pre-Set Camera Angles.
[b]Control Style: 4-Directional 2D Movement
Estimated Play Time:[/b] ~2+ hours per part
[b]Number of Parts:[/b] 3 Parts for Story One

[b]Price:[/b] Free
[b]Platform:[/b] PC
[b]Engine:[/b] RMXP
[b]Estimated File Size:[/b] 334mb
[b]Part 1 Date:[/b] Oct 26 2012
[b]Minimum Requirements:[/b]
Pentium 4 or Equivalent
2.8 GHZ Processor (Single Core)
1 Gigabyte of Ram
128 Bit Video Card

[center][size=5]Story Synopsis[/size][/center]
After being set up and left for dead, you awaken bleeding in a ditch beneath the wreckage of your car. With no recollection of the preceding events you stare deeply into the wilderness stretching before you. The only thing between you and civilization is an ancient structure resting in the heart of the woods. Navigate your way through this abysmal place and into the black city of Prosperity, a city where god has no name and the light has been long forgotten...


[u]Name[/u]: [b]Amber Ridge[/b][color=green] [/color]- Aurora Guinivere Price
[u]Role[/u]: [b]Lead[/b]
[u]Age[/u]: [b]19[/b]
[u]Gender[/u]: [b]Female[/b]
[u]Voice Type[/u]: [b]Average American accent (Soft)[/b]
[u]Traits[/u]: [b](Attractive)(Strong)(Hot Tempered)[/b]
[u]Personality[/u]: Kind at heart and soft spoken but not afraid to do a 180 and attack someone if they are out of line. Her blind willingness to place her trust in others often gets her into trouble.

Picture Pending
[u]Name[/u]: [b]Miki Ridge[/b] (Amber's Sister) - Mary Morgan
[u]Role[/u]: [b]Support[/b]
[u]Age[/u]: [b]24[/b]
[u]Gender[/u]: [b]Female[/b]
[u]Voice Type[/u]: [b] Average American accent (Stern)[/b]
[u]Traits[/u]: [b](Out Spoken)(Anxious)(Caring)[/b]
[u]Personality[/u]: The more responsible of the two sisters, Miki is less prone to confrontation than Amber even if the other party is in the wrong. She tries to get along with everybody rather than force her beliefs on others.


[center][size=5]Release Trailer[/size][/center]


[img]http://button.indiedb.com/download/medium/47749.png[/img] Edited by LDC Studios

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If you haven't already heard, Grave Prosperity is a faux-3D
action-adventure horror game with exploration and puzzle elements. It
was design on the RMXP engine by enterbrain, developed by LDC Studios
and published by Bon Ink Creations.

Part 1 was released on Oct 26th 2012, and Part 2 is coming out this January 31 2013.
For more information on Part 1 check out our other news articles, or the release trailer above.

Recent Popularity

Over the past 3 weeks Grave Prosperity has seen an increase in
viewers to our official website, as well as 3 separate Youtube accounts
create video reviews of Part 1.

Free PC Gamers - Game Watch Review

Game Carnage - Complete play through

Adventures of Ummm - Jim Plays GP

Part 1 has a combined 801 downloads as of this post between the 3 hosting sites, and a rank of 9/10 here on indie DB!
It's great to see such interest in the game, especially so near to the release of part 2!

Part 2

Part 2 will continue the story where the events in part 1 left off.
Players will continue to explore the asylum as Amber as they uncover the
reason for the roaming monstrosities that frequent the decaying area.

Players should ensure that they keep their save files from Part 1, as
that will be necessary in order to continue on with Part 2.

Players can expect the release of Part 2 no later than 5pm EST Jan 31st.
Check out the Teaser Trailer for Part 2!


If you have yet to check the game out then grab yourself a copy of Part 1! Because Part 2 is just around the corner!


Edited by LDC Studios

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