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D3D Iso Engine - LightMap Issues

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Dear guys, I am switching from ddraw to d3d, and started to convert my isometric engine to support Direct3D, i have did it well, but now i am with some probs, and have some questions. Lets see if any1 can help me, thanks in advance. I have a backbuffer where all my screen is drawed, since i am not working with full 3d, my triangles dont have the Z coord, and also, i just use d3d to blit the terrain, and some other things, so, my terrain tile looks like this: /\ / \ / \ \ / \ / \/ Offcourse my terrain tiles change it sizes when i have some elevation... Now my first problem, after i draw my entire screen, i would like to get the entire backbuffer and do lightning on it (Can be lightmap or another thing that makes it work) The first thing i need to do, is to make the screen darker or brighter. I have did this, but then this second problem got me. I have some lightmaps that i need to apply to the backbuffer in order to do a nice light effect. But after i dark the screen, the lightmap dont looks nice, so, one of my solutions was: 1 Fill Screen with Black + 2 Add diferent lightmaps to the entire area, torches, and stuff = SCENE TOTAL LIGHTMAPPED A Black Image with the Lightmaps blended together then Scene (Screen) + Scene LightMap = Screen Lightmapped Hope you guys got my problem. Also, Sorry for english errors Best Regards.

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