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The After - Fantasy/Futuristic MMORPG

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I'd like to introduce The After to the masses. The After is an MMORPG being developed by NetEmp Interactive, a division of NetEmp Inc., that will revolutionize the MMORPG industry. The website for the game is http://www.netemp.net/after/index.htm if you would like more information besides what is below. Some notable features of The After include: A completely interactive, 3D world. There will be first person, as well as back view, of every character. Spells may also give other views, but they are hard to learn and cast. You will also be able to use most object seen, from rocks on the ground, to body parts off of dead enemies. Also there will be an "action" system present ingame. For example, when you are out of combat mode, you can click on different objects to identify them, use them, etc. So clicking on a chair would walk you over to it and you would sit. Tutorial mode. Players will be able to play in tutorial mode, by being part of the adventures of the main characters in a set story, though there will be many options and side adventures you can still accomplish. This tutorial will provide new players with the rules of the game, and how to run everything, while also providing a full single-player RPG for people to play. Skill-based. There are no levels in The After. To prosper, you must practice skills. And there won't be points to put in skills either. To get better, you must physical swing the sword and hit the opponent, or make a sword or build a house. Every time the skill is successful, the computer will remember this and next time you use the skill, you will be much more efficient and effective. Also, to gain more health and last longer in battles, you would need to practice fighting. That is the only way to gain more "hit points" in The After. Those are three main features in the game. A larger list can be found on the website under the features section. You can also find the history and world of Ulrath sections on there, along with screenshots from The After's game engine. If you would like to meet with the developers, be sure to join the forums on the website, as well as come to our Stratics sponsored room in IRC. We are on the irc.stratics.com server, in the room #theafter. Most of the time, you will find at least one or two developers there to discuss the game with, so we look forward to seeing some new faces there. -William Phelps Lead Developer of The After http://www.netemp.net/after/index.htm Edited by - Servivas on October 14, 2001 6:50:38 PM

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The pictures of the landscape and palmtrees looks very nice. Looked through the website but it wasnt very detailed about the engine and what it can do:

did your team create the 3d engine or lease it? (said somethin like "the magic" buy have no clue what the answer meant)

what kind of Level-of-detail features does the engine support? Does it use ROAM or other for outside landscapes? What about inside buildings?

Will game support multiple "worlds" running on different servers, or will the game be played in a single world with multi-servers supporting that world.

Sorry, im out of time and couldnt "register" on your forums for these posts....

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