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Shouldn't be an issue?

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I'm about to deploy a new DLL, and I'm wondering about something...

I have a structure in my library called "Rational", which essentially represents a fraction -- much like SlimDX.Rational... Mine, however, is a much more powerful mathematics structure that can do all sorts of things, such as calculating the GCD/LCD, reducing fractions, arithmetic with fractions, convert from fractions to decimals (and vice-versa) and more... However, in my structure I define conversion operators that can convert MY Rational type to/from SlimDX.Rational...

Problem is, I'm deploying this structure in a library that is intended as a generalized application development framework... users may or may not have SlimDX or be using it at all... for many users they will not be referencing SlimDX, and many may not even have it installed. It's my understanding that this should NOT be a problem and it would only cause my library to crash if someone tried to call a method that used a non-existent dependency... since these are operators and cannot be called directly that should never even happen!

So am I right? Is it ok to leave my conversion operators in there for the benefit of SlimDX users, or must it be removed?



P.S. -- I could really use some help with this question... hundreds of views, no answers... surely someone has deployed commercial libraries before and needed to register them?

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