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Visual C++ programers for a text based game

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Hi, I''m new to programming but I am trying to learn with my new Visual C++ program and the books I have for it. So as a starting project I want to put together a team of programmers to make a text based game possibly with online abilities. If you are interested the sooner the team is put together the sooner we can all start learning more about C++.

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It''s actually better for you to work on your right now; the added pressures of communicating with a team of other developers is something you''re not yet ready for, trust me. Complete this project on your own - and a few more, I might add - and then think about working in a team.

Just to reassure you that the sequence I outlined is perfectly normal, Computer Science students in most colleges are not encouraged to work in groups until their junior year by which time they should have a fairly robust knowledge of their language of choice and elementary programming constructs.

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Hey, e7dell2. You might also want to look around for information about TADS, the Text Adventure Development System.

TADS has a few big advantages. First, it''s absolutely free. This is something which has been created not for profit, but for love of game creation.

Another majoy advantage of TADS is that it features a good text parser. In other words, it already includes the code which is able to make decisions based on the words the player types. From what I''ve heard, creating a parser is no small task. (And from having looked through the source code, I have to believe it!)

Also, TADS is based on C, so a look through the code is a great way to learn more about programming. TADS is really a great system. I''ve fooled around with it myself, and found it very easy to make a lot of progress quickly.

Unfortunately, I can''t remember offhand where you can find information on TADS. But a lot of people use it. So if you ask around a bit, you should find it.

Of course, you may really be viewing this project as a way to practice C++ programming. If that''s what you''re looking to do, then my suggestion here may not have been too helpful.

Just keep in mind that it takes a lot to get a text game to behave intelligently without using a parser. You can do a lot with conditional statements such as "if, else", "switch", etc. But the more words you add to the list of possible decisions, the more code you''ve got.

When I first started learning to program in BASIC on the Commodore 64 and PET, I made a few text adventure games. But it took a lot of work to create something which wasn''t terribly hampered by the interface.

So if you''re looking for practice with C++, have fun with it. What you''ve got planned is a great way to learn. But if your goal is simply to create your own text adventure, I would really suggest you look into TADS.

"Mathematics are one of the fundamentaries of educationalizing our youths." -George W. Bush

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