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Android Game: Astro Frontier

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overcastgames    103
A buddy of mine and I made a game called Astro Frontier. It's a space traveling, resource managing, fleet building, pirate battling adventure for Android Devices! There is a free lite version as well as a full paid version. Please check it out and tell me what you think!

Below are some screenshots:
[img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img]

Game Links:
Free lite version:[url=""][/url]
Paid full version:[url=""][/url]

Both versions are also available on the [url=""]Amazon Appstore[/url].

Feature List:
- 3 Flagships each providing a different difficulty
- 9 Different types of ships to build
-10 stunning backgrounds
- Over 14 different sections to travel through
- Space pirates!

Game Description:
On the far side of the galaxy, a new planet has been discovered! Lead an expedition through the depths of space to be the first to colonize the planet. Manage resources and keep your crew happy, assembling your fleet as you build new ships such as the bubbly Manufacturing Ship or the combat-ready Stingers. Speed is key when trying for the high score, but beware of pirates looking to end your journey once and for all! Blast off to adventure in Astro Frontier!

Thanks for your time and I hope you enjoy!

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karwosts    840
Nice job, congratulations on your release. Tried it out for a few minutes, here's my thoughts:[list]
[*]Music and graphics are nicely done, give it a nice polished feel.
[*]Sometimes advertisements pop up on top of the text boxes, making them impossible to read. I don't disparage a few ads in a free game, but it shouldn't be actively blocking the gameplay/interface.
[*]I like the theme of the music, but the loop that plays during the main game seems very short so it's noticibly repetetive. Maybe some more variation wouldn't be so tedious.
[*]The battle animation could use a little work, it's hard to tell who is doing what. Maybe show projectiles coming from a ship, or show the counterattacks better. It's a good idea that you display the action chosen on both side before the actual ship animation, but it disappears really fast and is gone before I can even understand the information that it's telling me.

Otherwise I think a nice job for an independent game, great work!

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