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problems with dll and delphi

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Hi! I have a problem and a few questions concerning Delphi and DLL''s. Okay, the problem first: I built a DLL in VC++ and it compiled fine. Now I want to use this DLL in Delphi. The LoadLibrary function works, but the GetProcAddress functions returns nil (NULL). The DLL function I want to call is: void CreateARF(char *dirStart) Now take a look at the Delphi code: type TCreateARF = procedure(X : PChar); var hLib : THandle; CreateARF : TCreateARF; P : PChar; begin hLib := LoadLibrary(''ARFchiver.dll''); if hLib = 0 then begin MessageBox(frmARFCreator.GetParentHandle(), ''library call failed'', ''ARFCreator'', MB_OK); Application.Terminate(); end else begin @CreateARF := GetProcAddress(hLib, ''CreateARF''); if @CreateARF = nil then begin FreeLibrary(hLib); MessageBox(frmARFCreator.GetParentHandle(), ''function call failed'', ''ARFCreator'', MB_OK); Application.Terminate; end; P := PChar(stvSource.Path); CreateARF(P); end; end; Okay, so far so bad. Now the questions: 1. Since the C++ function expects a char*, I used a PChar in the delphi function because - as far as I know - PChar already is a pointer to char, isn''t it? 2. Why won''t the bloody thing work? It enters the DLL, but when I call the GetProcAddress function, I get a NULL returned instead of the adress or handle to the function! Any help is appreciated!! Alex

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Well, actually I found the solution to THIS problem. It had something to do with the "C" declaration which wasn''t included in my first version.
Anyway, I have come up with a new problem:

The function in the DLL ''CreateARF(char *dirStart);'' needs - as you can see - a parameter of type char *.
Well, in Delphi there is this data-type called PChar which - as written in the help-file of Delphi - is of type char *.
It didn''t work the way I''ve written it. Though both types seem to be the same - just in different programming languages -, but when I check the parameter dirStart on the Delphi-side before the function is called, it returns the proper value (something like ''C:\''), but in the DLL it returns something weird (like &@.§).

Can anybody help me?

Thanks again!!

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