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3D sound with SDL_Mixer and convolution with a HRTF

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I'm new to SDL and also new to audioprocessing and have problems by generating 3D sound. I'using SDL_Mixer for the sound output and I'm trying to make 3D sound by convolution of a Mix_Chunk with a head related transfer function (HRTF). I tried it by registering an effect and make the convolution with the hrtf in the callback function of the effect. But I got no 3D sound, just the originally sound. Then I tried to make the convolution before playing the sound. I make the convolution of the HRTF directly with the Mix_Chunk->abuf. But when I play the sound, there is only noise...?

Is there a possibility to make 3D sound with my approach at all? I've loaded my wav file in Matlab and compared it with my loaded wav file by using Mix_LoadWav and wrote it in a .txt file. The data is not the same...?

Here's my convolution of the second approach (Mix_Chunk with HRTF):
Mix_Chunk* PlaySDLAudio::makeConvolution(LeftRightHRTF myHRTFs, Mix_Chunk* audioChunk){
short* Y;
short* HL;
short* HR;
int m = audioChunk->alen/2;// ? alen in byte, so /2 because short 16 bit = 2 byte ?
int n = myHRTFs.nTaps;
short* X = (short*)audioChunk->abuf;
HL = new short[n+m];
HR = new short[n+m];
Y = new short[n+m-1];
for( int i = 0 ; i < n; i++ ){
HL[i] = *myHRTFs.leftHRTF;
HR[i] = *myHRTFs.rightHRTF;
for ( int i = n; i < n+m; i++ ){//fill rest with 0
HL[i] = 0;
HR[i] = 0;
for ( int i = 0; i < (n+m-1)/2; i++ ) {
Y[i*2] = 0;
Y[i*2+1] = 0;
for ( int j = 0; j < m/2; j++ ) {
if (i-j>=0){
Y[i*2] = Y[i*2] + X[j*2] * HL[i-j];
Y[i*2+1] = Y[i*2+1] + X[j*2+1] * HR[i-j];

//load result in new Mix_Chunk
Mix_Chunk *wave_chunk;
if(!(wave_chunk=Mix_QuickLoad_RAW((Uint8*)Y,m+n))) {
printf("Mix_QuickLoad_WAV: %s\n", Mix_GetError());// handle error
return wave_chunk;

I hope that someone has an idea where's my mistake or knows whether my first or second approach is a dead-end road...
Thanks a lot.

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