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Rotating object with camera rotation

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laylay    310
So I have a camera going along a track, I assumed I could just use this same matrix to rotate an object but it seems to rotate in strange directions.

I have a cart on a track, I have the camera rotating fine along it but I'm having trouble rotating the cart. Is camera rotation different somehow?
So failing that, I'm trying to construct a matrix using the tangent, normal and binormal of the track, same thing happens.

I'm plugging them vectors into the matrix rows mat(binormal, normal, tangent) and multiplying that with a rotation of (-90, 90, 0) because of the way the model is exported.

Where am I going wrong? I just want to rotate the cart on the track.


And again I figure it out just after I post.. To fix I just transposed the matrix, is that the correct way to go about it? Edited by laylay

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