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still on normal mapping...

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binsansballs    164

I have two triangled meshes -- the one (say, A) at a higher resolution, the other (say, B) at a lower resolution.
I know normal and vertices coordinates for both (and texture coordinates as well).
I'd like to extract a normal map from the latter on the basis of the former.

I already have a mapping from the points of B's surface into the uv space.
I guess I have to calculate a tangent space for every * pixel * of B's map (on the basis of the corresponding point on
B's surface -- am I correct here?)... And ok, I know how to do it.

Then, for assegning each pixel of the map a color... How should I use the information I've got about A's geometry?

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Ashaman73    13715
Just want to ensure, that you know, that there are already (free) tools available which do exactly this, like [url=""]xnormal[/url] or [url=""]blender[/url]. No need to reinvent the wheel. If you really want to reinvent it, then take a look at xnormal/blender documention for some hints or at the blender source code (it is open source). Edited by Ashaman73

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