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Serapth    6671
[url=""]Read me[/url]. If you are interested specifically in C# only, read [url=""]just me[/url].

Most importantly, get started. Jump in and learn, doesn't really matter all that much what. Dont ponder over technology all that long, as you really aren't at the stage that it makes a difference anyways.

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3Ddreamer    3826

So you have some solid experience with C#. You should go immediately into programming simple games after you choose a development environment or framework for C#.

Make simple games for a while, about 5 to 10 of them. Look at making Pong, Tic-Tac-Toe (with and without AI), Defender, Tetris, Pac Man, Asteroids, and other of the simpler 2D games.

Look at XNA, SharpDX, MonoDevelop/Mono, or continue with Visual Studio. You could also just for the sake of thoroughness look at some other things such as Axiom 3D or Unity 3D. You can build some or all of the simple games with any of these. Really do your research into these to satisfy your mind.



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