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Cloud Storage - syncing, how does it work?

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I am working on a few programming projects across both my desktop and my laptop, so manual synching has become too troublesome. Now I'd normally use my SVN, but while it works great for code, its not really well suited for Art assets, if only because my plan has a 1GB cap.

So I turned to looking at DropBox, GoogleDrive and Skydrive. So far I don't like how they force me to move all my files into pre-determined "Cloud Folder" (rather than being able to just add random folders anywhere on my drive) and I dislike the dearth of feedback on what is being synched and when - particularly bad with google which doesn't even tell me the upload/download speed!

However, the automatic synching leads to a few unclear cases - what happens when you modify a file via the web interface AND on a PC without internet, and then enable internet on the PC? Will PC overwrite the cloud, or will the cloud overwrite my PC? What if I modify it on my PC and my laptop and then enable synch on both at the same time?

Similarily, what if I modify the files on the cloud, and then start modifying them on my PC before synch finishes? Obviously I would see "old" files on my PC but when I modify them, will the changes get wiped out as soon as the syncher gets to them, halfway through editing them?
I'm just really paranoid about losing a few hours of work due to the auto-synchers getting confused which file is the "newer" one. Ugh this is kind of why I like SVN/Git better with manual commits and checkouts that solve these issues. They also do a decent job of "merging" files if there are multiple versions at different locations, or at least point out conflicts so you can resolve them manually.

EDIT: [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OvmvxAcT_Yc"]this[/url] is how I feel about feedback-less auto-synching (NWS)

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Well after a few days of trying GoogleDrive I am finding it utterly terrible.

* It completely rapes my internet connection. Everything stops to a crawl. Even uploading tons of stuff to my FTP doesn't have that effect
* It does a terrible job of informing you what is being synched when. Only "synching 1 of 59,375". No Estimate time. No download speed. Will it finish in 10 minutes? 10 hours? Mystery!
* The shell sync icons are broken half the time. Right now it tells me all my folders are synced, only when I go in and look at specific files it says they are syncing.
* I deleted a folder on another PC that is on the laptop, and now it has a sync icon on it. Is it re-uploading the deleted folder? Is it deleting it from the laptop (as it should)? Who knows!
* The configuration options are woefully bare; you pretty much cant customize anything.
Pity, as I rather like GoogleDocs :| Might try my DropBox since at least it seemed a bit more transparent/not broken about letting me know when sync finishes.

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