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problem with updating item count based on customer amount ordered.

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so, uh sorry for once again bothering this great forum with my silly questions........but having a bit of an arithimetic problem....(seems easy in theory at least...). anyways, my problem is that i can't get the item to update properly once the customer orders the amount items: case in point:

(i can't paste a picture........I've lost the control panel on top.....anyways, i'll try my best to explain it.

private void purchase()
HardwareItem Item = null;
Customer customer = null;

Item = store.getStock().elementAt(this.itemSelection.getSelectedIndex() - 1);

if(Item != null)
for(int cust = 0; cust < custList.getLength(); cust++)
customer = custList.elementAt(cust);

String order = this.customerAmount.getText();

int amount = Integer.parseInt(order);

int itemAmount = Item.getNumOfPartsLeft();

int old = 0;
old = amount;
itemAmount -= old;

if(itemAmount <= 0)
itemAmount = 0;

if(itemAmount == 0)
JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, "the item with name: " + Item.getItemName() + " is out of stock");
this.partsL.setText(" " + Item.getNumOfPartsLeft());

ok, i can post links now....


that's one

now another:


hopefully this is better.

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