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what does D3DFVF_MODELVERTEX mean? I know it''s a Flexible Vertex Format flag, but I can''t find the definition in the SDK''s help file. Anyone? Taken from round about line 868 (LoadTerrainModel function) // Set the FVF to a reasonable type g_pTerrain->SetFVF( g_pd3dDevice, D3DFVF_MODELVERTEX ); Observe everything, remember more!

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You haven''t mention what sample this code comes from and what version of DX you are using, but I will take a guess.

DX used to have three Flexy vertex formats defined (D3D_VERTEX, D3D_LVERTEX, D3D_TLVERTEX) in DX8 you no longer get these and have to define your own.

So the easy answer is (probably) MODELVERTEX is an application specific vertex format.

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MODEVERTEX is defined as :
FLOAT tu, tv;

the D3DFVF_MODELVERTEX is defined as :


This basically tells DirectX what 'attributes' to expect for this vertex type (this is a very simple and crude explanation) Read the SDK for more information. You you be surprised how usefull this is. Read the section in DirectX Graphics->Using DirectX Graphics->Vertex Formats.

D3DFVF_MODELVERTEX tells directx that this vertex has a position vector, a normal vector and texture coordinates

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