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Mr.Ellemeff    104
Please be aware that the idea I'm about to present is not for a game in development, but just a concept.

The concept is for an RPG that would be exclusive to the Wii U. Features that I, supposing this game was actually being made, would incorporate into the game would include the following:

- The game menus (Item menu, Combat menu, etc) would be on the touch screen of the controller.
- As opposed to merely striking the target, the player may pick a certain body part to target, as well as the method of attack (slashing, stabbing, bashing, etc.)
- Players who choose to use magic will not be able to automatically use spells. Players must use a turn in combat to charge up magical energy. In turn, though, they may cast as many spells as they wish, so long as the total energy used up doesn't exceed the total energy charged up. Any excess energy after the turn in which spells were will be lost. Magical energy also might be lost when the player takes damage.
- Stats may be increased without leveling up. After all battles, players receive two types of experience. One of those types is gathered together and is put towards increasing the character's level, giving an increase to stats such as health, strength, dexterity, and intelligence. The other type is also recieved after combat, but may be spent at will towards modifying other characteristics. This includes improving the odds of a spell being successfully cast, learning how to wield a certain type of weapon, and improving one's ability to withstand pain.

Please, whoever reads this, make a reply post giving me your opinion on these ideas. Thank you very much.

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Bluefirehawk    1232
[quote name='Mr.Ellemeff' timestamp='1352704054' post='5000136']
The concept is for an RPG that would be exclusive to the Wii U.
Why? Why do you limit yourself before you haven't even really started thinking about the game? If you decide to make your game, are you aware that you'll have to invest more money to get a WII U developer console and equipment? Are you aware that the Wii U target audience probably isn't too fund of round based rpg's?

You have some basic ideas, you are still in the world of generic rpg's. There is nothing wrong with the ideas, but there also isn't much to comment on. Now you can put some more thoughts into the mechanics, skills etc. What should make your game fun?

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Krohm    5030
Those ideas are very vague. They don't draw a picture, but I suppose you're writing them for fun.

[b]Game menu on touch screen and targeting.[/b]
Just google for the controller. It appears to me that the core action must be mapped to lateral buttons / dpad.
Regardless what the screen can do, HCI concept still applies. If the player must switch to the screen (not easily reachable) at high frequency, they must do so for important reasons. Confirming actions like "attack" seems way too high frequency action. A "use specific item" by contrast, appears a nice idea.
If the targeting is persistent across attacks, it might make sense. That implies the "target" action must be separated from the "attack" action. I think it might make sense although I'm afraid many players might forget to re-target pretty often.

[b]Magic users.[/b]
I don't think this makes much sense. The implication is that in magic terms, the spells are all instant once charged. I don't recall a single game system allowing that. Spells combine in odd ways, my opinion being that instant spells should be the exception, not the rule.

[b]Stats without leveling up.[/b]
I like this very much. I'd like to recall that character level up is not the rule. It is an habit I suppose born from oldschool DnD ruleset. In other rule sets, there are no level ups, but skill upgrades instead.
I think having both would be welcome.

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