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Windows Phone (7 or 8) platform that supports custom shaders?

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I am endeavoring to port an XNA app to Windows Phone. First Roadblock: XNA doesn't support custom shaders on Windows Phone.

So I'm willing to jump through whatever flaming hoops that need to be jumped through, but I'd like you fine folks to help me cut down on my research time. What platforms are available for Windows Phone (7 or 8) that support custom shaders?

I see several hopeful alternatives, and am hoping that I WON'T have to install each one of them to find where the roadblocks are.

1. I'm willing to port to DirectX 11 if necessary but dammit I committed to XNA and C# to reduce development time and they've been working really well until now.

2. What about MonoGame, SlimDX, SharpDX, and all of the other DX wrappers out there? Will any of them support custom shaders for WP 7/8?


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You will only get custom shaders from WP8 using Direct3D11. SharpDX is providing DirectX API for WP8 so custom shaders are working well. But if you want to leverage on XNA, MonoGame is working on a port to WP8 platform - which is using SharpDX (I saw a [url=""]screenshot on twitter[/url] that the port was already working, but you should better check their latest github sourcecode branches/forks)

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