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3ds file loading, anyone ever try it?

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Anyone ever try to load and render a 3ds file? I''m trying really hard to get one worknig becuas eit doesnt seem to be too popular, with very little info on the file format (I think I have everything there is, which is about 3 separate files). Well, I got my DX loader to load in and render a 3ds file, now I''m working on animating it. I jsut finished loading in the frames by heirarchy (just with object IDs and building a tree for the heirarchy, no rotation or pivot information yet) My question is what should I do next? How exactly does this work? I''ve never realy done any animation in 3d whatsoever, especially not a bones system, so any help would be useful. And if you''ve ever tried coding a 3ds loader that would be even better. Thanks ByteMe95::~ByteMe95() Cerebrum Software

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