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Good books for getting the domain knowledge

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Guys and Gals, I am trying to expand my knowledge in this field. I am new to the world of computer gaming butI do have fairly strong engineering / scientific programming background as I am working in electrical CAD software tools debvelopment for 5 years or so. (with acedamic background in Maths, physics, computer graphics etc.) So what I am looking for is NOT a basic programming book (C/C++ etc.) but something that will be useful for me to get up to the speed where I can write simple games and understand terminology. Thanks in advance for suggestions. -Sandeep

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I can recommend:
- Game Programming Gems I & II
- 3D Game Engine Design, Eberly, David. H.
- Michael Abrash''s book, a bit outdated, but interesting.

These are also useful, but with your background probably not neccessary:
- Realtime Rendering, Moeller, Haines
- Computer Graphics: Principles & Practice, Foley, Van Dam, Feiner, Hughes

However, all these books deal primarily with Maths/Physics/Rendering techniques and the like. With your experience, I suggest you get the QuakeI, Half-Life, Unreal and Quake Tools sources and have fun ;-)

However, these require some effort and are rather ''hardcore'' stuff, not suitable for people who ''just wanna make a game'', but for people who want to switch jobs perhaps

For more simple stuff, I think the internet will help you more. Look at www.flipcode.com, www.gamasutra.com and of course gamedev.net

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The source for the engines to those games aren''t readily available - they make a certain set of the libraries available for modding, the rendering and physics code isn''t dished out for free (far from it).

You ought to be able to make a simple 2D game using the MSDN library docs & examples on Win32 and DirectX. Where it gets hard is simulating a 3D environment.

I have Gems I, and 3D Game Design, both are quite good. Gems covers alot of different topics in enough detail to get you going. 3D Game Design, should be called 3D Graphics Engine Design, because that''s all it covers - but it covers it extremely throughly , for instance he (quickly) takes you through the partial math to figure out how to do dynamic object collision detection.

You could join our project if you want to work with a small team on a hobby project.

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Thank you synopsys and magamai,
I went to bookstore and took a look at gems 1 and 2 books.
They look quite useful ! (Although a bit pricy ! :->)

I will love to join a hobby project where I can learn from
fellow developers. Magamai, I will send you a
separate email about this.

There is one more thing which I forgot to mention in my first
post. I also need to get used to Win32 GUI/graphics development.
(All the programming work I have done so far is generally
non-gui. So I think I need learn Win32 GUI API basics too)
So what is a good book that will introduce me to this topic.

Thanks again!

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Guest Anonymous Poster
Programming Windows Fifth Edition by Charles Petzold

This is the only book I can recommend but it is probably overkill for what you need right now. I just wanted to point it out so you know it''s out there.

You can try www.winprog.org/tutorial for some online tutorials. You should be able to learn the basics there. For now just concentrate on creating a Window and setting up the message processing.

You can also search for the Platform SDK on msdn.microsoft.com

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