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UML modeling engines available?

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I am thinking of writing a small custom state machine modeling tool for my game engine. Right now I am using an open source UML tool to generate scripts that my engine can read, but it's farily buggy and I have a few ideas that would fit nicely into the tool.

However, building everything from scratch would be quite the task. I am wondering if there are any UML-like "modeling engines" available, preferably for C# but other languages are cool too. Something that would allow me to create things like states, transitions and properties for them, as well as render them on the screen. I have not heard of something like this, but as there are CAD-components that can just be dropped onto a winform and used to open and draw CAD-files, I thought I would ask before doing it all myself.


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[quote name='GuyWithBeard' timestamp='1352978685' post='5001192']
Right now I am using an [i]open source [/i]UML tool
Well, isn't that your answer ?
Nevertheless, you can although take a look at the [url=""]eclipse modelling framework[/url] (not IDE), it is java and should have some advanced components which supports diagrams.

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I thought about modifying the existing tool. However, there are a few problems:

1. It's very old and build with out-of-date frameworks.
2. It's quite buggy, and I have no interest in spending time fixing those.
3. It has a load of features that I don't need.

I would much rather build a minimal modeling tool right now, one that I could add features to as needed without having to worry about old stuff getting broken etc.

I have thought about the tools in Eclipse and Netbeans as well, but those are also very heavy weight, and I only have use for simple flow chart/FSM modeling.

Thanks anyway!

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