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Resource file IO in C++

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Hello all.

I am creating a project in C++.
Essentially the user creates a text file alongside the program, then the program reads this, and runs, using these values for parts of the output.

The user could then share their 'version' of the program with their friends, their 'version' being the version where they have edited the text file to some custom values of their choice.

I created this, but I would like that after the user shared their 'version', the new user cannot see the original created text file, but the new user's program will run using the original user's text file values.

I am aware in Mac OSX resources are stored inside the .app bundle. Is there a way for a program to (when given the instruction), copy an [i]external[/i] text file into it's own 'app bundle'?

I'm sorry for the rather poor explanation [img][/img]



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