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Graphics library demo

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I just finished a demo for my graphics library that is under development. It lets you create objects, lights and play around with some terrain tools to show the current features. I plan to continue improving the library, adding more features and use it in my next game projects. Some of the current features:

  • Multiple lights
  • Hardware skinning
  • Model importer (Assimp)
  • Normal mapping
  • Shadow mapping
  • Heightmap terrain
  • Basic collision detection

    It's written in C++ and uses DirectX 11 for rendering, Gwen for the UI and Assimp to import models. If you are interested in the source code then take a look at my github profile.
    The demo application can be downloaded from my homepage.

    I made a short video showing what it looks like:

    And here's a screenshot:

    Thanks for reading! Edited by simpler

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very impressive work! can you share what books,articles,etc did you use to build this awesome project ? :)

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Nice work. No glitches (Win7 64, AMD Phenom, Geforce 560), and well structured code. Congrats.

Hmmm, why can't one +1 this ? Heck, it's githubbed.

PS: Yep, my vote for Luna, too (I would have bought that book, if Jasons/MJPs did not come earlier, but for beginners Luna is probably better)

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