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SharpDX references

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Im going to start using SharpDX for my primary development API, I am aware it can just be a thin layer between C# and C++/DirectX.

Thats why I am asking this, can anyone recommend easy to learn books for DirectX? I honestly do not know much C++ but I do feel competent in C#.

Currently all I want to do is develop a 2D game and may use the SharpDX Toolkit (which is a XNA like framework) once its released in full, but if I dont use the Toolkit knowing DirectX will obviously be needed.

All I need to know is:
- basic 2D texture drawing (with a color component for tinting)
- play sounds from file
- basic keyboard/mouse input

Edit: I have just realized that the topic name is incorrect, sorry! Also even if I do use the toolkit knowing DirectX will still be helpful for me.

All replies appreciated, thanks.
Xanather. Edited by Xanather

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I will recommend the two books I own on Direct X :(1) Introduction to 3D Game Programming with DirectX 11 and (2) Practical Rendering & Computation with Direct 3D 11. They are very different books, I would say the first one is more practically useful. The second is more of a reference on the pipeline, with some coverage of some advanced techniques. But they have both been useful at different times and there is still a lot in there for me to dig into. As far as translating to C# you'll find that there is mostly a 1:1 mapping between Direct X and SharpDX/SlimDX. You'll certainly be able to work out the translation in most cases.

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