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registering virtual properties

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Virtual properties are registered with the engine by registering a pair of get and set functions. For example:

engine->RegisterGlobalFunction("int get_GlobProp()", asFUNCTION(get_GlobProp), asCALL_CDECL);
engine->RegisterGlobalFunction("void set_GlobProp(int)", asFUNCTION(set_GlobProp), asCALL_CDECL);

engine->RegisterObjectMethod("Obj", "int get_ObjProp()", asMETHOD(Obj, get_ObjProp), asCALL_THISCALL);
engine->RegisterObjectMethod("Obj", "void set_ObjProp(int)", asMETHOD(Obj, set_ObjProp), asCALL_THISCALL);

Manual entries describing this:[list]
[*][url=""]Registering global properties[/url]
[*][url=""]Registering object properties[/url]
[*][url=""]Property acessors[/url]

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