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Adam West

Unity a community game project!

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Adam West    219
Hey guys,
I had a pretty cool idea while i was at work,
What if we started a community team and made some free to play games?
It would be great experience for those just starting to get into game programming and some more portfolio content and examples which can be used to give a leading edge in job interviews. With the holidays coming up this could be a fun experience for everyone.
If you're keen to lend your creative skills, send me an email at so we can get this up and running,
I shall run some polls as to what kind of game we should make first. Time wont be an issue as this is for fun and the overall experience of game design.

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Radikalizm    4807
I'm not trying to be a downer here, but I've seen a lot of these "Let's make a beginner team" threads in my time here, and have never seen any actual results.
It's good to be enthusiastic and it's really great to want to work on projects, but throwing together inexperienced people in a team can pose quite a few problems. You'll need (among other things) some form of management and general overview (who does what? how do we agree on decisions? etc.), and at least someone who can determine where the project should head next and how it should do that. With only people who are new to game development these can be project-killing issues.

Also, I'm not completely sure whether your post qualifies as recruiting, but you might want to post things like these in the [url=""]Classifieds[/url].

And try to avoid [url=""]double posts[/url] Edited by Radikalizm

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