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Together Alone beta 2

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Hi all,

About a year ago my friend and I took part in the Ludum Dare Jam and won 2nd place with our HTML5 game Together Alone. Since then, we've worked on a sequel, improving the game in many ways. It's a puzzle game; the 'hook' is that you can control multiple characters in a single puzzle. It also has a funny story about a couple in a love/hate relationship.

We've just released our [url=""]second beta version[/url]. It's already fairly polished and pretty close to how we see the final game, although there's still a ton of little things left to do. I thought now would be a good time to ask for some feedback.


Specifically, I'm wondering about the following:[list]
[*]Do the first few levels and tooltips do a good job of teaching you the game?
[*]Is the difficulty progression okay?
[*]Is there enough variety in the game elements?
[*]Do you think the story adds to the game, or is it more of an annoyance to you?
[*]Any comments about the look of the game?
[*]Do you have any other comments or tips?
Please try the game out if it looks interesting to you. Even if you don't reply, you'll help us out just by playing (we collect and analyze metrics). Thanks!

Jan Niestadt.

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I checked out the beta of your game! I love the story and the concept. I remember playing Pokemon and in one of the gyms, you had to make it to the entrance, but the catch was kinda like this game. You could only step on a spot once and it would cave in. This is a great game! Keep it up!

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