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How to nicely handle lots of "define"-related commands

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I have a rather large application that can be compiled for Windows with MFC, for Windows with Qt, for Mac with Qt or for Linux with Qt. For historical reasons I need to keep those 4 configurations in parallel.

I define sections of code for one platform, or for one compiler with "#ifdef BLABLA #else #endif" preprocessor commands. I also have many other defines that are related to the application functionality (e.g. EVALUATION, FULL, LICENSE_CHECK, etc.).

Until now, I had all those important definitions (and new definitions based on those initial definitions) in a precompiled header. But I feel that it is not really elegant. I don't care about compilation speed anyway.

Other people are using "config.h" files, that include all the major defines. But I feel that that 2. method is prone to errors (e.g. what if I forget to include that config header in one file? The file might still be compiled, but not in the desired way and that could cause errors difficult to track.)

Is there a 3rd way? Or any good suggestions?


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Thanks for the quick reply MJP!

That 3rd option is a bit tricky, since I have several compilers, and on top of that, I wouldn't be able to pass-in conditional definitions, like:




above is a very simple example, but it shows what I need to be doing.

So, between method 1 & 2, which one would be the most appropriate, or the more conventional?

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