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[b] The story pulls you into the dimension of thoughts that have never been thought up before, taking place in a never-ending safari where imagination is doomed to aimlessly wander. A crystalized wonderland gives life to a single species in a last defense against a galaxy of infinite danger predominantly referred to as the Sprite's. These unique offspring struggle to survive as they are commonly feasted on by nearly every creature that has a name. Despite being the preferred diet to all inhabitant Fiends, Demons, and Beast, this race lives on as one of the most powerful dwellers that have ever walked The Void. Since ensuring survival of the residing plant life is crucial to the Sprite's existence, they have erected an empire of protection to defend it's citizens and above all, the remains of their kind. The vast kingdom only allows the most competent representatives to fight in honor of it's tribe. Command the power of a ticking-time-bomb while you attempt to prove yourself in epic arena games to gain the highest approval of an endless make believe world. That's if you can live long enough to mature in the lands of imagination.[/b]

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