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Yotam Noy

A great game development contest I think you should know about

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Hi, my name is Yotam Noy and I work at MoMinis as a game designer.
I’d like to bring to your attention a great opportunity which I think you can find very valuable and relevant to the readers of this forum ([b]Note[/b] that I contacted the forum administrator to get his/her permission to bring this very relevant piece of information to you, but didn’t get a response).

MoMinis is running a contest, the [url=""]GameCast Contest 2012[/url] that gives all you developers and game designers the chance to make it really big. With the 1st place prize package valued at [b]$100,000[/b], it's worth your time, effort and maximum creativity.

In this years’ contest we have [b]PocketGamer[/b] as our media partner and people from [b]Google[/b], [b]Appolicious[/b], [b]Vodafone[/b], [b]PocketGamer and MoMinis [/b]to judge in the contest so that your game will get maximum exposure!

The winning game will also get a Free promotion on MoMinis Games Network, PlayScape, with exposure to its [b]more than 30 million users worldwide[/b]!

Sounds interesting? [url=""]Registration is opened[/url] until[b] December 24th[/b]. Learn more about the contest [url=""]here[/url]and view a clip explaining what it is all about [url=""]here[/url].



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