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Computing spherical harmonic coefficients for HDR images

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Hi there again! [img][/img]

I am dealing with spherical harmonics once again. The new problem is the following:
[quote]I would like to compute the SH coefficients of HDR images and construct a sphere map of it.[/quote]

I've started my looking at the official [url=""]project page[/url], which contains the function [font=courier new,courier,monospace]prefilter.c.[/font]
The code structure is the following:
input(filename, width) ;
prefilter(width) ;
tomatrix() ;

Unfortunately though, when I tried running the c-file on HDR images, I got an error (incompatible format). The accepted format is .float. I would like to change the [b]input(filename, width) [/b]function to accept the HDR format as well.
The next idea I came up with was to use a library to read HDR images, namely, the [url=""]following[/url].
Unfortunately though, this one is written in C++. Thus, I am asking myself how to combine the two.

Any ideas on how to get started would be greatly appreciated.

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