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DieCrypter - Tactical Action Puzzle

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Hello everyone!
My name is Vitali and i am a student from Finland!
We started learning Unity about 1 month ago, and i have already got some very good game in the works.. at least i think.
Anyways.. about the game i am working [img][/img].
The game is called "DieCrypter" - Stealth Action Puzzle. I wont write much of the info about the game just now, because the title pretty much explains whats the game is all about and you can see game information on the website or just watch the trailer on the [url=""]youtube[/url]!

I hope people will comment and write their thoughts!

I am open for the ideas or some changes that you think should be made.

[b]Game Website:[/b]

[b]Youtube Video:[/b]

[img][/img] Edited by Pliskin

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