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Unity dynamic logic/behaviour connections

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Strewya    2798
I really dont know how to better frame my threads topic, so i hope this will do (willing to change it if someone has a suggestion).

i saw today's IOTD ([url=""]http://www.gamedev.n.../_/flowlab-r307[/url]), and remembered that UE4 has something similair when i watched one of their feature videos.
It's this thing where you visually connect different components/events one to another so they run in sequence of just send their update result to the next one in chain, which is dynamically reconnectable.
My question is, does that have some name by which i could find more info on it?
and also, how would you implement something like that in c++? i have some idea on how to start, but always fall short on the connection part. sure, i could make a dozen small event classes that take certain parameters, but i've got no idea how to make any component connectable to any other component.

thank you [img][/img]

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