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Ray Sphere intersection

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Using this tutorial:http://wiki.cgsociety.org/index.php/Ray_Sphere_Intersection. I wrote a method to test ray,sphere intersections:
However I'm unsure as to what the direction vector will consist of. It's apparent that the direction vector isn't angles so I'm assuming it's the slope of the line in each direction?

float RaySphere::intersects(Ray* ray){
Vector3f dist = this->position.x_sub(&(ray->startpos));

float a = ray->angle.dotProd(&(ray->angle));
float b = 2 * ray->angle.dotProd(&(ray->startpos));
float c = ray->startpos.dotProd(&(ray->startpos)) - this->radius_squared;

float disk = b * b - 4 * a * c;

//no roots
if(disk <0)
return -1;

float distsqrt = sqrt(disk);
float q;

if(b < 0)
q = (-b-distsqrt)/2.0;
q = (-b+distsqrt)/2.0;

float t0 = q / a;
float t1 = c / q;

//if t0 > t1 then swap them.
if(t0 > t1)
float temp = t0;
t0 = t1;
t1 = temp;
//the ray missed the sphere
if(t1 < 0)
return -1;
//if t0<0 intersection is at t1
return t1;
//else its at t0
return t0;
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The (unit) direction vector describes the direction of the ray, in 3D space. So, yes, in a sense, it does represent the "slope" of the ray in each dimension (normalized so that the total ray length is 1, to simplify calculations).

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