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We've just released a new version of PolyVox, our open source voxel terrain engine

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Hi all,

We've just made a new release of our PolyVox voxel terrain engine. You can read about PolyVox [url=""]here[/url] and see a list of projects using it [url=""]here[/url].

Some key points:[list]
[*]Written in C++ and available under the zlib license.
[*]Independent of graphics API or rendering engine.
[*]Can create both smooth and cubic-style terrain.
[*]Raycasting support for picking and ambient occlusion.
[*]Support for large volumes with compression and paging.
[*]Provides image processing operations (resampling, blurring, etc).
[*]Has an A* implementation for pathfinding through volume data.
The new release contains a number of improvements to both the library and also to the surrounding development process. You can read the release announcement here: [url=""][/url]

Hope someone finds it useful :-) Edited by PolyVox

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