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Charlie Circle

Announcing our game server framework--pomelo. Feedback please!

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Hi everyone:
We are glad to announce our open source game server framework in node.js : pomelo?It's a fast, scalable, distributed game server framework for node.js. We'v been working on it for almost one year, and now is the time for exposure.
Here is some features:

* High scalable multi-process architecture, supporting MMO based area partition and other partition strategies
* Easy extention mechnisam, you can scale up your server types and server instances conveniently.
* Easy request, response, broadcast and rpc mechnisam, almost zero configuration.
* Focus on performance, a lot of stress testing and tune in performance and scalability
* Providing a lot tools and libraries, which are quite useful for game development.
* Providing full MMO demo code(html5 client), for good development reference.
* Based on, which means it can support all the clients that compatible with

Not only framework, we also developed an open source MMORPG game(html5 client) based on it. Lord of pomelo is a MMORPG(massive multiplayer online role-playing game) and composed of character, mob, equipment, upgrade and task system based on pomelo on server side. It is completed in less than two months and has about 6000 lines codes in server and client side respectively.

Pomelo homepage:
Pomelo github:
Online Demo(LordOfPomelo):
LordOfPomelo github:

What are your thoughts? Both negative and positive. And please, one comment is better than no one, so please comment if you read through the gist.
Thanks in advance!

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I saw chinese pomelo fruits (never-seen-before-weird-fruit) in a random food advertisement paper thing.

Is the name supposed to be a fruit or is it just coincidence?

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